Working with TypeScript

Hi there,

I’m trying to figure out how to get TypeScript to run. I was able to create a full babeljs / typescript index.js that uses typescript and babel to compile to javascript and then require the javascript. Kind-of a mini TSC if you will, but from a post on twitter, it seems like there must be an easier way:

“… Just add the babeljs preset and webpack rule to your config files and you’re ready to go!”

I was wondering if you could post an example project with TS running?

I tried to use the default React Native project and I’ll see about using the default React project to see if that has it.

Thank you!

Hi @visualjc :wave:

What I meant in that tweet is exactly what you describe in your first paragraph. I’ll try to make it simpler in the future as there’s more and more people interested in a better TypeScript support.

Hi @nakiostudio - thanks for the response. What I’ve got is working pretty well. Love the products and I am looking forward to the next version.

I’m also running into an issue that any of my required JS files, console.log stops working. I’m on the latest version. Any thoughts would be helpful.

One software dev to another, well done with this product.


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