Working with a CRA app

Hi there and thanks for making this excellent app!

Given that you now have (beta) support for React web apps, if I have an app created with the CRA template (create-react-app), by default it puts the index.js file under the src directory and requires in to stay there.

We know that’s not compatible with Play.js. Is there any easy way to work around this? I tried the obvious things like making a copy of it and throwing it in the root (adjusting the relative paths, of course), but if you try to “Play” it in that situation, it just throws errors.

Thanks again and take care!

Hi @Suges :wave:

Thank you for your kind words!

Could you share a link to a demo project so I can investigate possible ways to approach this?

Hi! :wave:

Here’s a stock CRA demo app for you to have a look at:

Thank you @Suges :heart:

I’ll take a look.