WebView in 1.11.0

Seems like just importing and trying to put a WebView element in the default app blows up pretty hard:


Hi @aerolith :wave:

It looks like this bug has always been there. I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for reporting!

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it was working a few versions ago, i think ~2

I also noticed the sharing module throws some sort of internal exception, but i thought that might just be me doing something dumb since im not great at react native

I see, that’s probably because WebView has been pulled from react-native and it now lives within its own module.

Makes sense. And you updated the version recently as well for RN.

Does the latest have hooks fixed?

Also if it’s helpful I can make a little example for the sharing issue too

That would make my life easier yeah :pray:

Thank you.


Thanks for looking into these!! Appreciate all the hard work on this awesome app

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Thank you for the sample project and your kind words. It really means a lot!

Hi @aerolith :wave:

Our guess with react-native-webview was right.

I’ll include this change on 1.11.1 and submit today for review.

Thanks for your help with this one. The fix for the sharing module will need to wait to the following release.

Awesome! Thank you!!

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play.js 1.11.1 available for download.

Swapped the import and it works perfectly! Thanks again

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