Want to Check Git Error Log


I have been trying to connect GitLab but not yet made it. I think I use correct URL (git@gitlab.com:xxxx/yyyy), account, password, ssh pubkey, privatekey and keyphrase which work on WorkingCopy. Play.js does not say anything but just closes the dialog and shows it again. I would like to check error messages or logs. Thanks.



Hi sakura :wave:

Thanks for reporting. If you are using the right public key, private key and passphrase then only the repository SSH address is required. Could you try without providing user and password? In case you can’t make it work could you try with your GitLab username and a personal access token as password? You can find here how to create a personal access token for Gitlab repositories:



Thanks for your reply. I want to give it try but Play.js does not even launch at the moment because I updated my iPad Pro 11 to iPadOS. I will try after mine getting working again. Thank you.