Trying to clone from private repository

I created a local repository on a server I run through a digitalocean droplet. I have the ssh keys and passphrase setup, and I’m pretty sure I have the url setup properly, though play.js continues to kick back my info and will not clone from the repository. Does play.js only clone from github? Or should I be able to clone from my private server? I would like to be able to work in play.js and push commits from the app directly to my server.

Hi @nonsensetwice :wave:

It should work if the SSH keys and passphrase are setup correctly as well as the SSH address. Better logs are going to be released soon that should be able to help you debugging this kind of problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I finally figured out how to connect. It was the url. I managed to connect with the app Working Copy, so I thought I’d try copying the path url from that app directly into play.js. I used the same ssh keys, and I was in! Turns out the url was different than anything I’ve seen in any tutorial:


I’m just happy to have got it working.

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