Running an http server with gulp

Hi, I’m trying to start a basic Gulp project by just getting Gulp to start a web server. I’ve got the gulp script in index.js and a package.json that contains the dependencies to the two node modules.

When I run the project, The dependencies load, the console logs O.K., the play button swaps to “stop” (as it should), I don’t get any errors - but I don’t get a web server either.

What am I doing wrong?

A little progress - but not much.

What I realised is that the gulp script itself will not run the pipeline, in a conventional set-up, you run gulp task on the command line. But trying to trigger gulp by a self-initiating JS function at the end of the script doesn’t seem to work - it complains of not receiving an object.

I’m starting to believe that gulp relies on the script being in a file called gulpfile.js which means I’m buggered as play.js only “runs” index.js currently.

Does anyone have any hints how i could get gulp to work?