Restore windows when resumed from background


When I resume play.js from background it has all my editing tabs closed and asks me whether to start a new project. This behavior is poor. For reference, I’m on an iPad Pro 2018 (11in), iOS 12.2.



Hi rikumi :wave:

Thanks for flagging the issue.

Does this happen every time the app goes to background no matter for how long? if so, it shouldn’t be the case. I’ll take a deeper look.



All the open editors are closed even when I command-Tab to another app and immediately go back, although it doesn’t open a new editor window every time.



I’ll continue doing tests but I can’t reproduce it following your steps. Do you have 2 apps side by side while switching between apps?




You reminded me… This behavior reproduces only with another app docked aside.



Ok that makes sense! this is because when switching between traits (window sizes) the state of the app is refreshed to load the iPad or iPhone UI based on the size category. For some reason the size category is incorrectly changing for a short period of time when coming back from background having two apps running side by side.

We’ll rethink how we handle this case so context is not lost moving the app to background under this circumstances.

Thanks for flagging :slight_smile:

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