📄 Release notes


v.1.0.1 (17th February 2019)


  • Crash handling React Native exceptions.

v.1.0.0 (15th February 2019)


  • Node.js support. ES6 compatible with autocompletion.
  • React Native support. ES6 and JSX compatible with limited autocompletion support.
  • Export and import of projects shareable via deep-link.
  • Sample Node.js script showcasing the special handling of the stdin.
  • Sample React Native app.
  • Online documentation viewer.
  • Access to play.js community.
  • Supported projects with multiple files.

Known issues:

  • Disabled React Native APIs autocompletion, only returns local symbols for now.
  • Node.js autocompletion occasionally not autocompleting symbols from other project files.