ReactJS Web Development with GatsbyJS


So, I would like to be able to use Play.JS React (beta) setup to create a GatsbyJS environment for web applications. This Gatsby environment has hot reloading and normally uses localhost:8000 to display what was coded. Is this possible?

I tried pulling the Gatsby Template from It successfully pulled all of the folders in, but the environment isn’t running. Is there a way to use the terminal provided in play.js to run npm and Gatsby commands?

I’m using an iPad Pro with iPadOS Beta.

Thanks in advance!

I’m also interested in using Gatsby.js with Play.js. Is it possible to install and run commands to build static site?

It’s possible to achieve that by exploiting GatsbyJS capabilities programmatically. Unfortunately, creating a play.js project template is not among the near future plans as I don’t have much experience working with that framework.

Thanks for your response. I’m not looking for a play.js project template, was really asking if I can install Gatsby via the play.js terminal/REPL ( npm install then Gatsby’s build command). Also, it would be helpful if you could answer the OP’s questions. Thanks again for creating Play.js!

Hi, I’m also interested in running a gatsby project.