Node Dependencies for React Native

There doesn’t seem to be a way to install node packages with react native. I tried Adding a package.json manually but play.js isn’t picking up on the fact that it’s there or downloading the dependencies.

Also, is there a way we could use a “terminal” to run npm install rather than having to manually manage our package.json?

Hi Destiny :wave:

I’m afraid React Native projects don’t support node dependencies yet. We hope to make some improvements in this area soon.

Regarding the second point, play.js doesn’t provide a terminal environment due to some iOS limitations. We could offer an emulated environment but this wouldn’t support most of the tasks users would expect it to support.

Thanks for your report.

Is there a roadmap regarding to when features will be added?

To the second point, is there a suggested way to add node modules rather than having to manually modify the package.json?

I’m afraid there isn’t a public roadmap. Most of the features depend on some research that not always have positive outcomes so we cannot commit to ship anything in specific timeframes.

The recommended way of adding dependencies is to manually add them to your package.json file. In case you aren’t sure about the version you should add you can specify latest as the version to install.

  "dependencies": {
    "express": "latest"

Ditto on this even if it’s just plain js packages – I understand why ones with native dependencies would be hard if not impossible