No errors, but simulator not starting

Steps were undertaken:

  • Creating an RN app within play.js works and starts the simulator
  • Cloning my project which works from a Macbook includes node_modules and ios/pods
  • At first, the console gave errors such as the wrong syntax using <></> and the necessity of renaming index.js to index.jsx

Now I push the run button, but nothing happens. No errors displaying in the console and the simulator does not a startup. My RN app includes several pages and folders ios/android. Maybe the project is just to big or anyone knows how to find out what’s happening?

Edit: The app just shuts down after > 5min.

Hi @adriaandebolle :wave:

There are some caveats when running a React Native app from play.js.

  • play.js can only bundle JavaScript code, dependencies that require native code (i.e. CocoaPods ones) don’t work unless play.js is built including them.
  • React Native projects cannot fetch npm dependencies, only Node.js projects can.
  • All React Native projects must have the main entry point of the app located in a index.jsx file located at the root path of the project.

Hope that clarifies your doubts and thanks for reporting!

So what you mean: Currently, my app including node_modules and ios/pods will never work with play.js? Just to make it clear ;p