Keyboard shortcuts


Hi there, impressive first release.

Would you mind adding some documentation about keyboard shortcuts? The usual ipad sheet that comes up when holding down the command key does not appear in your app, and makes keyboard shortcuts hard to discover.

I also would be interested in adding external libraries as suggested by the other thread.




Hi dng :wave:

The shortcuts were disabled as we wanted to ship the feature with a decent set but keep an eye on the incoming releases as they’ll be released soon.

Regarding node modules, we’re experimenting with a node_modules directory accessible from the iOS Files app where you can drop your dependencies. We’re figuring out how does that play with sharing projects, but stays tuned. In the meantime you can squash your dependencies into a single file with browserify as suggested in the other post.

Thanks for your feedback. I hope you’re enjoying play.js :slightly_smiling_face:.


Node.js modules