Is there a way to run the code?


I get this might be difficult given how react works, but I’m wondering whether we can currently (and I don’t know how) or will in the near future, be able to run our code through the app?



Hi Lwyx :wave:

I’m not sure what do you mean by running your code. It’s possible to run your Node.js and React Native apps already :slightly_smiling_face:



Sorry I wasn’t clear. I mean just basically run it like you would by doing yarn start or expo start (if using expo) in which the app is built in either an emulator or I can scan a QR code and have it built in the device. Does that make more sense?



Absolutely, thanks for clarifying.

Due to the system (iOS) restrictions we could try to emulate a terminal but eventually the user would be hit by all sort of limitations. We prefer to be honest and not promise something hard or impossible to achieve.

This said we will be opening up Node.js to React Native projects so, for
instance, you could run different tasks programmatically (lint, tests, etc) apart from running your app.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:



Oh, so in essence, I can code it but to actually see the app I would need say, a laptop (or whatever isn’t limited by iOS, maybe iPadOS). Did I get that correctly?



Once we open up Node.js to React Native projects no laptop is required as long as you can programmatically perform those tasks you mentioned above, instead of using the CLI.