🚨 iOS 13 support

:rotating_light: An update on iOS 13 support:

The only way I can work around a crash it’s building play.js with Xcode 11. As the AppStore doesn’t accept submissions from this version yet I kindly request your patience.

Please understand that delivering a patched version to all users running iOS 13 via TestFlight is not a scalable solution.

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Thanks for the update. I just bought the app thinking I could start coding on my iPad Pro 11, which has iPad OS beta. But, will wait for the update.

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Hello, could you give approximate date of your new build with supporting iOS 13? I can’t work…(

As soon as Apple allows me to submit a binary built using iOS 13 toolchain.

Thanks. What about version 12.4.1?
When I try to clone my repository it throws me back.
Any thoughts?

First news that I have about that issue, I’ll check what’s going on.

play.js 1.12.0, which is now available in the AppStore, should fix all these issues.

Thank you all for your patience and please report any bugs you may encounter.