iOS 13 crash on startup

As title, app crashes on startup, iOS 13 /iPad os beta 2.

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Hummm, today after a restart it seems to work. So that’s great :slight_smile:

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mine doesnt work at all,

Mine on iPad Pro 11 does not work either.

Hi all :wave:

Unfortunately we don’t provide iOS13 support yet as the Betas are quite unstable and fixes we may rollout today can cause further issues in upcoming iOS 13 releases.

Sorry about that.

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Is there a testflight we could join to help you work out issues with iPadOS 13?

Last night I submitted a TF build for review that fixes all the important issues I spotted on iOS 13.0. I’ll circulate a link to the TF build here, once Apple approves it :blush:

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play.js 1.12.0, which is now available in the AppStore, should fix all these issues.

Thank you all for your patience and please report any bugs you may encounter.