How can I disabling code hinting?

Syntax Highlighting is useful but It sometimes annoying.

My js file is getting longer then It’s too much show the popUp window. Even I can’t see my typing.

I think disabling the highlighting syntax option is good for me.

Thank you.

Hi @yoshiboarder :wave:

Is syntax highlighting what it’s bothering you or code autocompletion?


const list = new LinkedList();

As you can see when I write code completely with ‘;’

But the code completion popup shown and It is not disappeared.

In this case, when I typing ‘enter’ key to move newline but It automatically selected the list of auto completion.

like below

const list = new LinkedList();list.helper()

I don’t want to add list.helper() which is automatically suggested by popup view

I see. I will try improve the experience, thanks for reporting :slightly_smiling_face:

P.s. if you’re using an external keyboard you can dismiss that popup using the escape key.