Feature request: Better file management



I have two features I would like to see added to play.js:

  1. Generic file management
    Such things as images, sounds or other generic files are hard to add to your project as of right now.

A solution of mine: Support file sharing - ex. Pressing share on an image and then importing it into your project

  1. Index files or solo files
    Whenever you create a file in a lone directory in play.js the file is impossible to delete or rename if I’m correct?
    I understand that you might wanna protect ex. An index.js file to not make easily ruined projects, but this makes a lot of stuff really hard.

Please just make a confirmation window or something.

Thank you.



It can be deleted if you open the project in Textastic but it gets recreated when reopening the project in play.js



Hi casper and CloudsOfMagellan :wave:

Quoting myself from another post:

We’ll try to improve the index.js experience as soon as possible.

Regarding file management, this will change in an upcoming version where any file of any type can be imported from iCloud Drive, so bare with us!

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