Do you plan to integrate Vue.js as well?

Vue.js is fantastic, there is a huge community behind it that would probably love using it on iPad. For the React / Node integration congratulations it is awesome.

Coding with Vue on this is technically possible. I was interested in learning vue after using React for the last few years so I gave myself the extra challenge of trying to get it to run with this program.

I created a simple todo app that uses Vue. If you are interested in checking out my set up the code can be downloaded from the following link.


This is great @aw2099, thank you very much for sharing! :heart:

With a baseline project I can use as a reference, adding a Vue.js template similar to the React.js one would be straightforward :slightly_smiling_face:


Being able to create a vue boilerplate in a similar manner to how you would with their CLI would be awesome. Syntax highlighting for .vue files would be great as well.