Created a webpack bundler with react for web projects


Hi guys,

Just wanted to share a project I’ve been kind of testing out. Has some hacky items to it, but it seems to work as expected so far.


I’m planning on adding react-router and seeing if more scss is possible (although with the latest CSS it might not be absolutely needed)

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Hi raaspazasu :wave:

This is great! the whole point of this community is to get users to share knowledge and projects and we’re happy to see the first contribution of this kind. That’s why we’ve decided to make you the first member of our Evangelists group.

Thank you and congratulations :trophy:



Ha! This s brilliant, I have a similar setup for Vue.js but couldn’t figure out how to get the absolute path to the project!!!

Loving your hack @raaspazasu :clap: :clap: :clap:

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The React part it doesn’t work. Express server can’t load React component.



I just noticed it wasn’t working. I’lll play around with it later on this week.



I fixed it. Just a config error in .babelrc. Correct config:

  "presets": [
    ["@babel/preset-env", {
      "loose": true,
      "modules": false

But even with this fix after a couple of minutes play.js unexpectedly quits. Are you experiencing same thing?



This project here playdotjs://63b850fb works nicely for me. I’ll dig deeper into that crash you’ve found Jon.

Also, play.js 1.8.1 has just been submitted for review including a fix that will make debugging easier: