Can I run a development server? (Vue, Vuepress, NodeJS)


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Is there any way I can run a simple Vuepress development server on an iPad? I tried everything and I cannot get it to work. Background: I am what you would call a weekend developer, mostly front-end, and I have little NodeJS scripting knowledge.

I would like to have a simple Vuepress server setup to work offline (on a 12 hour flight) and when ready to deploy it via GitLab CI + WorkingCopy to where the static page is hosted, and of course when I have internet connection again.

How can I replicate the npm run script environment?
Can someone please help? :pleading_face:



Hi milotindragos :wave:,

It’s possible but complicated. You could do the debug server tasks from other play.js project that runs in background (only possible on iPad). We’ve added this feature to our backlog to explore :blush:.

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Node.js modules

Hello @nakiostudio so you said it can be done but it is difficult… is there any way you can share a bit more as I am not exactly sure how to do the debug server tasks you mentioned :man_shrugging: