Bit bucket git help

Has anyone got play.js to work with bitbucket? I can’t seem to do anything without an error.
I imported my private key, but still can’t get it to work. Perhaps I’m missing a simple little thing. I hope.

Thanks in advance!

  • Darrel

I figured it out!

Ok, what I was missing was the “ssh://“ protocol in the url.
I found the ssh bit bucket url for my project in bitbucket…

Then just add the “ssh://“ to the front of that url, and then make sure your keys are correct and boom. You’re connected to bitbucket!

  • Darrel

I cant get the SSH to work consistently. Have no idea whats wrong since theres no ssh log.

Also I’m having problems cloning my app on my phone. It’s like, it doesn’t know what kind of app it is and its throwing errors.

Hi @Raydred :wave:

All play.js projects need an index.js file at the root of the project acting as the entry point to your program. In there you need to do the setup required to run your app.

I’ll do some debugging to see if I can reproduce the ssh issue.

Thanks for reporting :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do have an index.jsx… I know that’s not exactly the same as Index.js, but if I do need an index.js, perhaps it’s been missing since I started this react native app.

Thanks for checking into it! =)

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