Better styling support?


I’m really partial to emotion in react-dom,

Wondering if it would be possible to bundle the native support in styled-components to get a ‘similar’ experience as its a lot nicer than messing around with huge objects.

Was also wondering if its a limitation of the iOS text area that we cant get back ticks for template tagged literals? (Mostly using iPhone X)

Finally, a hearty +1 for something resembling better npm support. I have yet to get the bundling sorted in a useful way.



Thanks for the package support.

I tried copying in the node modules for styled components and it crashes the app on import.

It didnt look like they have any native lib requirements… not sure what would be causing the crash.



Hi aerolith :wave:

Please bare in mind that modules support is only available for Node.js projects. Could you share your project here so we can debug the issue?



Sure. I deleted it cause it was an experiment but I can easily recreate and send the upload.

I did notice the no package support but I figured the resolver must still be looking at node modules if it crashes.

Link: playdotjs://08eb1db8

Also, i feel remiss in not thanking you for this excellent piece of software. I’m just playing around so I totally get if you have no interest in supporting this use case. It’s been a great platform for a web react person to get some light experience with react-native and I appreciate all of the effort that went into making this.



Hi again aerolith :wave:,

Thank you for the demo project. We’re improving the RN bundle creation so you should expect some improvements and bug fixes in upcoming versions :slight_smile:.



Awesome! Thank you! The git support was unexpected and handy!

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Glad you like it! :heart: